2018 Edition




Eligibility criteria

From November 1st to 23rd 2017, it will be possible to submit a candidate for the official Black History Month calendar.

Each year, the Round Table on Black History Month publishes a calendar to celebrate Black History Month. This calendar pays tribute to members of the Black Community who have distinguished themselves in the public, private, and community sectors. Honouring these individuals is also a way to pay them homage and to present them as role models for the youth in the community, but also to emphasize their contribution to Quebec society at large.

Who to nominate ?

A nomination must be submitted by a third person (the proposer).

A nomination can be submitted it the following categories;

Professionnal, Social Commitment, Sports, Seniors, Youth (18 to 35), Volunteer, Activist, Business model, Arts & Culture, Ambassador.

Evaluation criteria

Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Scope of their achievements
  • Quality of their achievements and recognition by their peers or the public
  • Impact of their achievements on Quebec society
  • Their serving as a successful role model
  • The candidate’s personal qualities are recognized (perseverance, generosity, altruism, courage, etc.).

Nomination procedure

Nominations will be accepted until November 23rd, 2017. They must be endorsed by two individuals, businesses or organizations.

The nomination file must include:

  • The nomination form
  • A summary of the nomination file
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Two letters endorsing the nomination