Black History Month 2019

The Round table on Black History Month, wishes to celebrate and put black women at the forefront for its 28th edition.

We have chosen this slogan because it is imperative to make the diverse voices and demands of African and Afro-descendant women who are still suffering from different types of violence and struggling against several oppressions heard. During the month of February, we will honor several of these inspiring personalities who reject the status quo, deconstruct prejudice on a daily basis, and attempt to reclaim their identities and experiences as Black Women (and all persons identifying themselves as women). They each in their own way contribute to improving the living conditions of Black communities in Quebec. These pillars of our communities are not victims but fighters! We asked Niti Marcelle Mueth to transpose our vision for this 28th edition through her art. The poster she created represents the strength, sensitivity and character of the women we celebrate. Niti Marcelle Mueth is a young multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer originally from Haiti and Cameroon, who now lives in Montreal. Her work is grounded in self-acceptance and aims to inspire and motivate her generation. Niti expresses her opinions through illustration, animation and silkscreen printing.