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Ben C.K.

Ben C. a Montreal-based visual artist who specializes in beauty, fashion and portrait photography

Originally from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, his artistic vision was forged by a passion for travel and the different countries in which he’s lived—including the land of his birth, Togo, France, the United States, and Canada.

While he’d always had a passion for art, it was only in 2011 after returning from a trip to Vietnam that he decided to get involved with photography. Specifically, his disappointment with the quality of the photos he’d taken during that trip led him to embark on a personal quest to better understand the art of capturing light. He quickly realized that what he liked most of all was portraits, whether they were more intimate, or were for fashion or beauty.

Since then, Ben has been telling stories through those portraits, whether for internationally recognized brands like Sephora, or for magazines and artists.

Ben is known for his alluring images, which are full of humanity and always highlight the beauty of each of his subjects.