appropriation culturelle

Lucky Odigé

Lucky Odige is a Montreal-based freelance graphic designer and photographer. At different times, her work can evoke minimalism; the bright, vibrant colors inspired by her Haitian origins; and the interplay between geometric shapes. She began her journey with Black History Month as the artistic director of the 2014 A Long Walk to Freedom exhibition in tribute to Nelson Mandela. Since then, she’s worked on other projects, such as Prince tribute His Purple Majesty at Place des Arts, as well as projects in collaboration with Grévin Museum and Halte 3, among others.

About the poster

Here and Now!

Whether it’s to highlight the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement, to take a stand against police brutality, or to demand better representation in the media, young people from the African diaspora have a voice and want it to be heard loud and clear. The colours on this poster are vivid and striking, because we will no longer be satisfied with being “invisible." We have this dash of daring (represented by yellow) and this unshakeable passion that emanates from within and is channeled through any medium we choose as our soapbox!