Gala Dynastie

The main mission of the Gala Dynasty is simple! Make Quebec's Black Excellence shine.

Celebrated as part of Black History Month and wrapping up the festivities of this celebration, the Gala Dynasty is dedicated to honoring people from Black communities 
around the arts, media and culture, whose work includes and achievements deserve to be recognized.

In a glam atmosphere, the Gala team ensures that the image of the black communities of Quebec is conveyed in a positive and inspiring way. Diversity is certainly an
issue on which we must question ourselves, think! The lack of representativeness and visibility of ethnocultural
communities in the various bodies of our society must
be remedied! Above all, take action! The Gala Dynasty is a positive action to show the vitality of
black communities! This event aims to raise the awareness of the
various cultural and media actors by demonstrating the potential of a generation
passionate and determined to take its place!

More than just an awards gala, the Gala Dynasty is the first event of the Dynasty Foundation
which has given itself the mandate to develop projects to inspire the
next generation and encourage meetings and mentoring for young people. When: March 10, 2018 Location: La Tohu (2345 Jarry East) Time: 18h Price: Regular $ 45 / VIP $ 75