Marlihan Lopez

Marlihan Lopez is an Afrofeminist activist who works in community organizing, research and feminist intervention, in addition to being active in the Quebec women’s movement. She has a master’s in international studies (gender and development) from Université de Montréal, where she was a researcher at the Montreal Centre for International Studies.

She has also contributed to anti-racism movements through mobilization and community organizing against anti-Black bigotry and its impact on communities that have been the victims of several forms of discrimination. She is particularly involved in collectives such as Montréal Noirand Black Lives Matter that aim to combat policy brutality and racial profiling, as well as in spurring on a reimagining of issues related to the (non-)representation of Black people here in Quebec. She is particularly interested in the realities of Black people who are neuroatypical or are facing mental health issues, and in what such people have experienced in terms of racism and/or violence at the hands of government institutions.

She currently works as a liaison agent in the diversity and intersectionality section of the Quebec Coalition of Sexual Assault Centers (RQCALACS) where she is tasked with assisting CALACS members in an evaluation of their ability to be inclusive and adapt their practices to women’s varied needs and realities in order to better reflect an intersectional brand of feminist intervention.