Word from President

Black History Is Made Every Day

Let’s talk about truth and rights for all. Let’s then act upon those equal rights so that justice can prevail for all. With the migratory movements of people forced to travel to safer shores far from their lands—as has been the case for the Rohingya, Syrians, Haitians, and people from various parts of Africa and the Caribbean—it is clear that many of those that require refuge are people of colour. History will remember and judge us for what we did to ensure that their problems—our shared problems—are met with solutions grounded in sustainable development and developmental planning. These steps must be taken to counterbalance ruthless regimes, lawful oppression, endemic extortion and the deceptive slave trade taking place in some African countries. There, open auctions are being held and are reminiscent of one of the darkest chapters in human history, when millions of Africans were savagely taken from their homes, enslaved, and sold to build the New World. Beauty, intelligence and guidance come in all forms. We need to stay attuned to them every day. Imagine that Black history is found amidst rivers of hope and clouds of tears. Black history is made up of endless burdens loaded up on our backs—and yet the sun never fades. Black history abounds in glory: There are so many incredible accounts of a shining past—of conquests, of founding civilizations that brought science, the arts, education and agriculture to new heights; places where architectural and cultural masterpieces were created. Black history has paved the way for so many golden African kingdoms. Black history is in the pyramids precisely shaped in reverence of the magnificence of the ancient Gods that they hold for eternity. Black history is an Ethiopian or a Guinean travelling far from home, following the Northern Star, when the wind blew and took us out of the motherland. Black history is found in remembering our crossing of the Middle Passage and 400 years of bleeding. Our hour has not yet come, but thanks to our foreparents, we survived. That survival gave us the strength to seek freedom and return to progress. Black history is a reality every day, as we share bloodlines with many nations. Black history is a journey to an open land where you can read the signs and must make a plan. Black history is when you rise in a new place, putting in your time to grow and spread honest, valuable contributions, thereby bringing your heart contentment and improving your surroundings. Racism, excessive materialism and heavy militarism must be contained, for the errors of the past are the guides and guarantors of our future. Every day history is made, and we are part of it.