Jjanice+ au Balcon - Groove d'Écailles

le Balcon

Since 1999, Jjanice has performed on the artistic scene as a singer-songwriter, spoken word poet, art model, as well as a back-up singer for various artists. Jjanice has created a world of his own, mixing sung poetry, modern alt-soul music and Afro-Caribbean grooves reminiscent of his native Haiti. Picture Gainsbourg, Bowie, Fela, and Seal sharing a two-room apartment (and Grace Jones doing her best poses in the living room!). To close out Black History Month and Montreal en Lumière, Jjanice will be accompanied on stage by his talented musicians and will present a show exploring the various grooves of his first album La Reine Aux Ailes d'Écailles. Jjanice presents a musical and poetic voyage where nothing is off-limits.