Event's Name : Arbre à Palabres, second edition
Date et Place : March 5th 2020 at Maison de l’Afrique
Date et Place : March 21st 2020 at Ausgang Plaza
Website : https://www.fondationmuntu.org/


On March 5 and 21 will be presented the second edition of the Palaver Tree which is a practice in Africa. This revisited and innovative approach makes it possible to anchor an open space for debate by valuing collective intelligence through common values in order to better take place in the common identity that we have the duty to build together. Decision-makers, social actors, entrepreneurs, artists and experts from black communities will be there to participate in the Tree of Palaver. Just like last year, exclusively at the March 5 event, young entrepreneurs will present a range of their products.

During this Palaver Tree, we want to allow participants to live a unique, authentic and enriching human experience by mixing traditional art, visual arts, performing arts and digital immersive, including conversations and exchanges.