Fabrice Vil



Fabrice Vil is a lawyer, certified integral-development coach, and also a former basketball coach. In 2011, he founded Pour 3 Points, an organization that gives athletic coaches training to provide life-coaching to young athletes in disadvantaged areas. It’s important to him that people have equal opportunities. He regularly addresses this ideal, particularly as a columnist, speaker, and workshop facilitator in companies.

Fabrice is one of the driving forces behind documentary Briser le code, which deals with the impact of the racism experienced by racialized and Indigenous people in Quebec. He is also the co-author of 11 brefs essais contre le racisme - Pour une lutte systémique, a book of essays about systemic racism; La révolution Z : comment les jeunes transformeront le Québec, about the effect of Gen Z on Quebec; and Lâchez pas les gars, a book that encourages boys to stay in school.

Fabrice was a Black History Month laureate in 2013, and is also a member of Quebec’s Order of Excellence in Education and a fellow within Ashoka. That organization brings together a global community of social entrepreneurs recognized for their innovations’ positive social impact. In 2020, he won the Individual for Peace award from the YMCAs of Quebec and the Inspiration award from the Montreal Women’s Y Foundation.

Fabrice remains fascinated by the question of human consciousness. He wants people to take an interest in the kinds of invisible violence they take part in and respond with kindness to themselves and others.

Photo Credits: Kétiana Bello