Black History Month is one of those things where I didn't think I needed it till I really got it. Yes, as Black people we all understand there is some form of connection between us—but what that connection is, and to what extent, remains unclear. Much like the roots of an ancient tree, you never know just how far they reach until you start to dig. Digging is a task that involves a great deal of labour and precision, lest we hurt the very tree we seek to understand. That’s why we need common efforts to do the work properly—and in such shared work, we find something more important than answers: understanding.

We all seek to be understood, and to understand ourselves. Black History Month is but a small opportunity for us as people to see ourselves in a new light.


Hailing from Ethiopia, Aba Atlas brings a lively, witty energy to the stage. He was born in Canada, but his journey took him back to Africa at a young age, where he would spend most of his childhood. In the latter part of his teens, he returned to the country of his birth and joined the military. After three years in the armed forces, he decided to make the shift toward a career in the arts.

He took up stand-up comedy in 2015 and since then has quickly risen to the top of the Montreal comedy scene. He's won the "Prove You're a Comic" competition and performed at major festivals such as Just For Laughs and Haiti’s LOL Fest. As the creator of the hit "Aba & Preach” YouTube channel—which has more than 10 million views—Aba Atlas continues to impress both online and offline.