Claire-Anse Saint-Éloi

For three years now, Claire-Anse Saint-Éloi has served as the assistant coordinator for the Round Table on Black History Month and the administrative assistant for Gala Dynastie—and she’s determined to give it her all and contribute to her community.Claire has also worked in politics and was among those tasked with launching NDP Quebec’s first national call centre in 2015.

She holds a diploma in public relations and communications management from McGill University, and a bachelor’s in international studies from Université de Montréal. Claire-Anse Saint-Éloi is interested in issues related to fairness and equality for women, and questions surrounding systemic racism, integration, and minority rights. She is also part of the Agitatrices platform, where she’s a project manager and editor. Through her interviews, Claire-Anse provides a space for inspiring women who want to take their destinies in hand and are trying to deconstruct and shake up established mindsights and customs to create a fairer, more equal world.