Yao _ Carine

Carine au micro et Yao

Jeudi 22 février au Club Balattou/20h30 :

An innovative artistic reunion of the new generation of th Save & Exit e canadian artists. Performed by Carine au micro (Benin-QC) and Yao, (Togo-Ont) these 2 artists have a real passion for music. Carine loves to sing since she was child and created her own music influenced by gospel, jazz, hip hop and the African rythm. Her voice will remind you Myriam Makéba or Angelique Kidjo. Yao composes his own music, write poems and will share his unique funk, slam and soul/blues universe embellished with west african music. The perfect mix between a beautiful feminine voice and a sensitive poet, this final concert has more than a surprise for the public!